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When does the school year start and end?

Our school year is comprised of two semesters. The first semester begins on August 11th and ends on December 16th. The second semester begins on January 3rd  and ends on May 24th.

How many classes per day will I have?

Our daily schedule consists of a 7 period day with an Tiger Time class every day with the exception of Friday. Friday is our district-wide collaboration day for teachers. 

 What is Tiger Time class?

tiger Time is a 25 min advisory period where learners in the same grade set goals, track grades and attendance, and participate in leadership activities.

How long is each class period?

Each class period is 55 minutes long with a 5 minute passing period in between class periods.

Where will I be able to keep my belongings?

Each student will be given a locker and locker combination when they receive their class schedule. Many students also transport their belongings in backpacks to avoid having to visit their lockers between every class.

What time are the doors open to the high school?

The exterior doors are accessible to students at 7:30 each school day.

Can I have food delivered to the high school?

No outside food or drink deliveries will be accepted for students. 

Will I be given the opportunity to check out a Chromebook?

All students at PHS will be checked out a Chromebook to use for school.

Are cell phones allowed at PHS?

Cell phone usage is permitted between classes and during lunch. Use of cell phones in class is up to the discretion of the teacher.

How can I check my grades and attendance?

This information can be located on the Parent Portal of our website. Students will need a password to gain access to this information. Usernames and passwords will be given to students at the beginning of the school year.

Where can I go if I need guidance on scheduling or just need to talk to someone?

Ms. Cramer, Ms. Green, and Ms. Couch are available in the counseling office located in the front of school. 


What do I do if I get to school late or need to check out of school?

If you arrive to school late for any reason or you need to check out, please check in with Ms. Russell’s in the attendance office.

Where can I find information regarding attendance and dress code for PHS?

Information regarding attendance, dress code, class times, as well as other information can be found in the PHS Student Handbook.

Where can I be dropped off and picked up for school?

The circle drive in front of the high school is recommended for most students; however, students can be dropped off on the east side of the Burdick Center, especially for those that begin their day in athletics or VoAg.

How do I know when I eat lunch?

Students will eat lunch when their 4th period teacher goes to lunch.

How many tardies am I allowed?

Students will be allowed 3 tardies and will be called to the Assistant Principal’s Office on the 4th tardy.

How many absences can I have and still pass my class?

A student can have up to 7 absences per semester and still pass the course. This is covered in more detail in the PHS Student Handbook, as well as the incentive for good attendance and exemption from semester tests.

Why are some of the parking spaces painted in Student Parking?

That is our Paint Your Pride fundraiser for Leadership. Students may purchase a parking space and paint their own personal design on their own parking space.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?

Students can receive a copy of their transcript from their counselor, we can also email, mail or fax them. Students can also send a college or university a transcript directly from Naviance which will be covered in Tiger Time class.

How do I enroll as a new student?

To enroll as a new student at Pryor Public Schools contact the Education Service Center and ask to speak with Paula Mibb at (918) 825-3916.

How do I get a parking permit to park at the high school?

Our Resource Officer can issue a parking permit after the form has been filled out. These forms can be found in the front office or the counselor’s office. There is no cost for a parking permit unless it is lost and it will cost $5 to replace it.