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The Pryor High School Innovation Center at Rogers State University provides college and career focused opportunities for students.   Students may take several STEM career focused courses available through Pryor High School while they take dual-credit concurrent course at Rogers State University.  

Innovation Center course opportunities

  • Applied Engineering – This is a four year program applicable for any student interested in an Engineering degree.  It is a two hour course that in its first year will have a CAD (computer aided drawing) component available for a computer science credit.  The second year will incorporate a programming component that will involve computer programming and robotics.  See page 34 for more details.
  • EMT (National Certification) – This is full year program available for seniors.   This course is designed for students interested in careers as a CNA, LPN, Registered Nurse, EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter, Police or Physician.  This class meets in-person for a two hour period on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is an online learning component that students are responsible for as well.  In the spring there is a practical component that involves student participating in ride-along with an EMT.  Upon completion students will be prepared to sit for the National Registry EMT Certification. 
  • Innovation Lab – The Innovation Lab is a hands-on, project based professional studies program for students, who wish to pursue a career in STEM related fields.  Students will utilize equipment like 3D printers, plastic formers, laser cutting machines, and more, in our Tech Lab to develop and implement Passion Projects.  These projects can be from just a few weeks in length, to a whole school year.  Students will work their way through classic engineering processes, where they Imagine, Plan, Create, Test, and Improve their projects.  Projects can be digital in nature, like cell phone apps or webpages, or they can be physical in nature, with mechanical and electrical parts.  The sky's the limit, as students use critical thinking skills to develop a product that they can be passionate about!
  • ESports - Students will participate in a competitive ESports league.  Students will learn strategy, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills.  In addition, students will learn about careers related to ESports and video game development.  Students will compete at team locations and through on-line tournaments.
  • Aviation IV – Pryor High School students have the opportunity to take Aviation I, II, and III at the high school, however Pryor High School will offer the students to take Aviation IV at the Innovation Center, where they will have the opportunity to build an RV-12 sport plane.   Tango Flight is an applied learning course. This integrative course exposes students to various concepts of aerospace, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and design engineering, with an emphasis on aviation. Through in-house designed, aviationfocused curriculum, students explore a wide range of topics, including fundamentals and mechanics of aircraft and avionics equipment, aviation maintenance and inspection, and aircraft structure and assembly. The course applies and concurrently develops secondary knowledge, skills, and abilities in science, mathematics, and technology.  Students do not have to be enrolled in the previous aviation course to enroll in this class.